[2] FUTURE is NOW: objectives

  1. To discuss, in this context of advanced modernity and for some, of the post-digital society in which we live, the new ways of explaining and understanding club cultures, equating them from the theoretical and empirical point of view in the following axes of approach: musical composition and reconfiguration; the role of DJ and MC; aesthetics, ways of life and entertainment; bodies, dance, night, consumption, clubs, underground, urban spaces, natural spaces and other enjoyment spaces.

  2. Stimulate an interdisciplinary approach and work on these dynamics in an expanded field - involving disciplines such as sociology (of music, culture and art), communication, design, cultural studies, fashion, contemporary social history, anthropology, the arts and performance, architecture, the visual arts and inevitably new digital technologies.

  3. Encourage - on a transglobal scale - the systematic investigation of these objects, taking into account their eminently interstitial but crucial character in the collective imagination of the population, in particular young people, urban tribes, youth (sub) cultures, music scenes, contemporary urban atmospheres and ambiences.

  4. Promote a collaborative knowledge space around these themes, hands-on, open to the city and the academy, clearly contributing to the construction of a social and interventional art space.

  5. Explore new lines of intervention and update an archive of texts and iconographies of electronic music in physical and virtual form, in order to help legitimize these themes as instances of knowledge.